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UPSC CMS Vacancy 2023: The official announcement has revealed that there are 687 available positions for the UPSC CMS Vacancy 2022-23. This year, the number of vacancies is lower than the previous year’s 838. Additionally, the official advertisement has specified category-wise openings. The number of available positions plays a vital role in determining the cutoff at each stage of the examination.

The acronym CMS doctor stands for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. When the number of vacancies increases, the CMS exam cutoff (CBT) decreases. The UPSC CMS 2022 notice comprises various categories, as listed below.

UPSC CMS vacancies are divided into two categories as follows:

  1. Category I
  2. Category II of Central Health Services offers junior scale positions.

In New Delhi Municipal Council and various Municipal Corporations located in the East, North, and South of Delhi, there is demand for General Duty Medical Officers who are specialized in Health Services. Similarly, the Railways require Assistant Divisional Medical Officers and Indian Ordnance Factories need Assistant Medical Officers.

Despite the UPSC CMS exam being held nationwide, it is not a guarantee for a plethora of opportunities. Although the test is geared towards the state topic of Health, the number of UPSC CMS jobs available are not as abundant as one would expect.

UPSC CMS Vacancy 2023
UPSC CMS Vacancy 2023

The opening for UPSC CMS 2021 was made official through an announcement by UPSC. The final count may be reduced in certain situations, as UPSC holds the power to do so based on requests from relevant departments and services.

The UPSC CMS exam is organized for announcing job openings in various categories and positions. This exam aims to fill up vacancies in rail hospitals spread out across India, along with a few hospitals in Delhi.

UPSC CMS Vacancy 2022-23

Category-IMedical Officers Grade in General Duty Medical

Officers Sub-cadre – of Central Health Service

Category-IIAssistant Divisional Medical Officer in the Railways300
General Duty Medical Officer in New Delhi Municipal Council3
General Duty Medical Officer Gr-II in East Delhi Municipal

Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South

Delhi Municipal Corporation


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The UPSC administers the Combined Medical Services (CMS) test, which is utilized to employ healthcare officials for various government departments in India. This exam is a significant way in which medical professionals are selected for public service throughout the country.

In order to fill vacancies for junior scale positions and medical officer positions in various Indian government organizations, the CMS 2022 exam will be administered. There will be a public announcement regarding the 182 Junior Scale Posts recognized by the Central Health Service to be available. To assess one’s readiness for the exam, completing UPSC CMS Practice Papers is recommended. Beginning at INR 56100, the UPSC CMS salary is quite competitive.

The remuneration for distinct UPSC CMS positions will differ, though.

UPSC CMS Post & Salary Structure

The applicants who make it to the final merit list will be considered eligible for the position and entitled to a salary as UPSC CMS Salary, which corresponds to the task they perform. INR 56100 will be the initial pay for UPSC CMS; nonetheless, the pay scale will differ depending on the nature of the UPSC CMS job.

  • We are presenting the salary details of medical officers of the UPSC according to their pay scale.
  • The Railway’s Assistant Divisional Medical Officer earns between (INR 15600 – 39100/-).
  • The Indian Ordnance Factory Health Service, under the Ministry of Defense, will provide the Assistant Medical Officer with Pay Level 10 in the Pay Matrix along with NPA, subject to applicable rates and regulations that may be revised periodically.
  • Junior scale officers in the Central Health Service are entitled to receive salaries ranging from INR 56100 to Rs. 177500, which would be covered by the organization.
  • The remuneration for the General Duty Medical Officer employed by the New Delhi Municipal Council lies within the bracket of INR 56100 to rs. 177500/- along with a constrained NPA.

UPSC CMS Job Roles could be identified by considering the subsequent aspects:

  • A term of no less than four years, comprising both training and active duty, must be fulfilled by those seeking to serve in any military role or position relating to the defense of India.

  • On a daily basis, he shall make an appearance at the indoor wards and patent department and as necessary.

  • As per the prevailing regulations, the candidates and employees in service will undergo a physical examination which will be conducted by him.

  • Under his responsibility, the management of family planning, public health, and sanitation within his jurisdiction will be closely monitored.

  • The vendor examination will be conducted by him.

  • The Hospital Health Unit Staff will have their discipline and task assignments regulated by him.

He endorses the leadership of CMS/Addl.CMS/MS who will oversee his responsibilities and may assign specific duties to him. The remuneration for UPSC CMS depends on the level of the position held. ADMOs will also be required to perform other duties as designated from time to time.

The Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service, controlled by the Ministry of Defence, has advertised for the position of Assistant Medical Officer.

  1. Providing medical care for sudden emergencies, individuals requiring outpatient treatment, and those admitted to the hospital.
  2. Assessment of Health
  3. Occupational health service for catering industry.
  4. Coordinating and overseeing the tasks.
  5. Maintaining adequate cleanliness as well as safeguarding the premise.
  6. Ensuring the proper functioning of machinery and tools.
  7. Proper disposal of biomedical waste must be guaranteed.
  8. The Medical Officer-In Charge has assigned additional responsibilities as well.

Junior Scale Post in the Central Health Service

The temporary nature of the posts doesn’t diminish their potential for longevity.

Taking care of both in-patients and out-patients, as well as dealing with emergency situations, lies at the core of their duties. Furthermore, managing the affairs of the medical department and conducting comprehensive medical examinations are also part of their responsibilities.

Medical Officers are required by the New Delhi Municipal Council, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation for general duties.

  • Keeping a record of medical information and interpreting it – Papers, summaries, and evaluations are reviewed to establish the patients’ health status. In case further information is required, additional examinations are ordered after consultations with colleagues and past healthcare professionals.
  • Medical Officers conduct extensive research on cutting-edge medical programs to ensure optimal diagnosis and healthcare for patients.
  • Medical officers are responsible for the organization and execution of clinical support, all while considering the needs of their patients and the medical duties performed by staff members.
  • Assessing the clinical services and programs established by the staff, the Medical Officer can pinpoint ways to enhance the services and suggest improvements in those sectors. UPSC CMS Vacancy 2023
  • Medical officers are responsible for ensuring that patients’ medical records are consistently and appropriately documented.

FAQ’s related t0 UPSC CMS Vacancy 2023

What amount of compensation can one expect to receive as an entry-level UPSC CMS employee in 2023?

Different UPSC CMS job positions offer varying remunerations despite the initial payment of INR 56100.

What is the duration of probation for candidates selected in UPSC CMS 2023?

The individual will be subject to a probationary period of two years.

What is the duration of the probationary period for candidates hired through UPSC CMS 2023?

Upon completion of the selection process, the Central Health Service sub-cadre Medical Officers on General Duty will undergo a two-year probationary period.

Is there a probationary period for a UPSC CMS?

It is mandatory for the newly hired employees to undergo a probationary phase that lasts for a duration of two years.

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